Adalia Holding

Our dedicated team of experts will advise you from indoor hemp cultivation to harvest and processing up to distribution.

  • Legal, tax and investment projects for the hemp industry
  • Analysis of operating freedom, products and key competitors
  • Harvesting, processing (cleaning, drying) and warehousing/storing
  • Hydroponics cultivation turn-key service (SmartGrow solution)
  • Selection of suitable certified industrial hemp varieties for specific utilisation
  • Advice on harvest of CBD rich industrial hemp and timing of harvest
  • Advice on drying CBD rich hemp and further processing
  • Advice on CO2 and solvent based extraction (parameters: temperature, pressure, volume)
  • Advice for processing/production
  • Turn-key solutions for fibres and 100% bio plastics
  • Medical Cannabis licensing in EU
  • Medical Cannabis distribution in EU

Check our Wholesale Products and SmartGrow solution, what you don't see are the 23 people who made these projects possible, who are now part of Adalia Crew.