Adalia Holding

Adalia Holding is the exclusive agent for Active Botanical Research (ABR) in Germany, U.K. and Finland.

The search for medicines from plants is nothing new. For years, pharmaceutical investigators have searched forests and swamps around the world looking for a cure for cancer or heart disease. Aspirin came from the willow tree, and the cancer drug taxol was found in the Pacific yew tree.

In our hi-tech era, innovations are developing new ways to use what nature has to offer, new technologies to have scalable productions not anymore linked to agricultural times.

ABR has developed an industrial platform for the production of selected active ingredients obtained from suspension plant cell cultures.

We welcome inquiries for both commercially available food ingredients sold under the ABR trademarks (pictured below) or custom project development, under the strictest confidentiality terms.

Ajuga reptans
Lippia citriodora
Echinacea angustifolia
Echinacea angustifolia

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